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Save time and money if you are an interior or exterior designer or 3D visualizer
- More than 60,000 3D models and materials from manufacturers
- Access to all models at once: no more need to overpay for each individual model
- 1 click to start working on a model
Start for free
Be creative

rather than doing regular routine tasks

Get yourself more free time to realize your best and boldest design projects with the most convenient and accessible database of 3D models, materials and textures in the world.
1-click to access to the 3D universe
Speed up your productivity X10 times faster

To start working with the model, you no longer need to:
- Pay for it
- Download
- Unzip
- Transfer of the textures

You only need to select the desired model and transfer it to 3Dsmax in one click!
Everything you need is in one place!

Forget about:
- Collecting your own database of models for years
- Searching for a space on your computer for new models
- Worrying about loss of your models

There are more than 60,000 models in our database. Get the access immediately after registering for free

Save more than 100 euro per project

You don’t have to:
- Spend 5+ euro or more on each model
- Incur losses if the model does not suit the customer
- Worry that the models will be lost or deleted

With us, you pay for ALL models at once at the price of several models from our competitors
Our Special Features
  1. Convenient search - filtering and sorting by a variety of different criteria
  2. "Favorites" section - the ability to save your favorite models in a personal
  3. Ability to share scenes and models for demonstration to colleagues and customers
  4. Corona 's first growing online material library of its kind
  5. Ready-made layouts of apartments and stages
  6. We do not slow down: optimized models do not load the video card
Start for free
Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
How much space does 3D - Hamster occupy on the disk?
After installation, 3D Hamster takes about 20 megabytes. After that, you can download the models and materials you need to your computer. The size of each model is indicated in its description.
Can we use 3D hamster for free?
Yes, 3D Hamster has a free plan.
Where are the textures stored, how to avoid of loosing them?
Textures are stored on your computer, they remain there even after the program is uninstalled. You can lose textures only if you manually delete the model in the hamster or transfer the scene to another computer. You can always download textures on hamster models using a special script in the "Scripts" section.
What happens if I transfer the scene to another computer where is no 3DHamster?
Save the scene to transfer the archive (save - archive) and then the textures will not be lost. If you didn't take care of the textures, there is a script in the Hamster in the Scripts section that downloads them and restores the scene.
Samples designed by using 3D Hamster
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